Building for Future Generations

In 1976, I was a new believer in Christ and I found myself right in the middle of a brand new church movement called Willow Creek. I had no idea what was in store for my life, but deep in my soul I knew God could use me.

That same year, I said “yes” to a leading from the Holy Spirit…and I packed my things and moved into Popp’s Cabin in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Little did I know how this experience would change my life. I couldn’t have known I’d meet my wife and we would raise our two children here, and Camp Paradise would become the life’s work of our family.

Our young church’s decision to start a camp made no earthly sense. But over the next years—and decades—God led us every step of the way, showing us He did have a divine and profound plan. And in the early years of camp, I watched with my own eyes as God did amazing, life-changing ministry in the lives of junior high and high school students.

Fast forward 15 years to 1991 when the Spirit moved me, along with three others. Once again, we said “yes” and started Dads’ Camp. In the first session, 37 dads and 37 sons showed up and I felt like I was a part of one of the most anointed events I have ever experienced—dads making important connections with their kids that would shape them for a lifetime. I remember thinking this is what this place was meant for.

What seemed unclear in the beginning years is crystal clear now. God’s dream for Camp Paradise is a bigger dream than I could ever have imagined.

Now, more than three decades into camp, we find ourselves at a crossroads. God is clearly leading us to create room to grow—to build for future generations of dads and kids.

He has directed us to the plans for the future that you see in this brochure. And we need your help! Every single dollar given to this million-dollar plan will prove to be worth the investment.

Help us build for future generations.

Tim and Erin Vanden Bos
Founders and Directors

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