Camp Paradise

A Legacy of Faith

In 1966, my dad saw an ad listing for 720 acres of untamed land on the Tahquamenon River in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and thought it would be a great place for weekend fishing trips. At $3/acre, it was a great deal.

It turns out it was the best investment he ever made.

Ten years after my Dad bought the land, the youth ministry I was a part of had taken a step of faith and started a church. We met in a rented movie theater in Palatine and the church was growing. Because my Dad and I both had strong connections to youth camps, he made a gift of the land to our young church—a church with no paid staff and no building. It was a generous gift from a father to a son. And it was the first property ever owned by Willow Creek Community Church.

The Michigan land became Camp Paradise.

I’ve watched the Camp change over the years, impacting thousands of lives. We’ve held staff retreats, youth ministry camps, and now Dads’ Camp where dads can build into their relationships with their sons and daughters. Never once has camp wavered in its purpose—to be a place where people could grow closer to Jesus Christ and to each other…and leave a legacy of faith for future generations.

Now Camp Paradise is building for the future. Pray and ask God how He can use you to be part of this legacy. It may be the best investment you ever make.



Bill Hybels
Senior Pastor
Willow Creek Community Church

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